The Family Learning House Education Group serves families, children, schools, and educators striving to acquire knowledge and good character for the purpose of serving humanity. We founded Day By Day Learning character education programs, Training Services, and Our Learning House charity school.


We have beautiful spaces to nurture education through a learning community of teachers, parents, and children who seek to develop knowledge, skills, good habits, and excellent character for the purpose of building a better society with a spirit of love, dedication, and service.

Our Character Education Program

Day by Day Learning is a character education philosophy, training program, and curriculum designed for 3-7 year old children. We partner with schools, principals, teachers, and parents willing to learn and explore why good character is needed in our society and how we can nurture and develop good character little by little, day by day.


Our Training

The Family Learning House Education Group provides inspiring and practical training and support services for teachers, parents and Kindergartens across China based on 20 years experience in the education and training sector. We offer unique off line teacher training programs and on-line resources to deepen knowledge, skills and attitudes for early childhood development.

Our goal is simple. To help teachers be better teachers, to help parents be better parents, and to help kindergartens be better kindergartens – for the purpose of building a better world.

Our Charity School

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to receive quality education in a safe, loving and well-organized environment. At Our Learning House, a charity school established in Beijing, our aim is to provide those born with physical disabilities, living in neighborhood foster homes and orphanages, with a learning environment where they may acquire the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that will enable them to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

The initiative is a community service project supported by a group of dedicated individuals who volunteer to help create awareness, raise funds, and coordinate the volunteer program.

Our Ambassador

Our ambassador is Karyn Robarts, a native of Canada who has made Beijing her home for more than two decades. In addition to these endeavours, Karyn, together with her husband, co-founded and serve as Directors of Robarts Spaces, an award winning interior design and architecture firm.  They have four children, all born in China.

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